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Mobius Strap for Guitar
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Why Do I Need One?

The Möbius strip, inspiration for the Mobius Strap

Photo by David Benbennick, used by permission

The ukulele is traditionally constructed without buttons with which to attach a strap, so supporting one can present a challenge, especially when standing. I was looking for something that gave truly hands-free support, but without any modification to the instrument. I found a variety of approches, but each seemed less than satisfactory, so I designed a solution of my own, the Mobius Strap.

The Mobius Strap follows a novel path about the instrument and the player's body. When in use, it has a designed-in one-half twist, which is necessary to make the strap lay flat all the way around the ukulele and your body. When you try it you'll see that the half twist disappears like magic when in use.

The unique, patented Mobius Strap design provides truly hands-free support and stability whether standing or sitting. It allows one to move either arm freely for any playing technique and to concentrate on playing the instrument, not juggling it!

Thanks very much for your interest,

Tim Mullins



Here's a review of the Mobius Strap by Barry Maz of Got A Ukulele.com.

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The Buzz

It is a simple, elegant solution to the "I don't want to drill into my 'ukulele" problem. Very, very well done. — Brad Bordessa, Live 'Ukulele.com

Y'know, that's one of those things you slap your forehead and think "Why didn't I think of that?!?" Good job. Necessity really IS the mother of invention. — Neal Paisley

I like that. Simple, clever, gets the job done...I think some of my uke friends are going to get practical birthday presents this year. — Mike Halloran

I have made straps for musical instruments for 37 years. You deserve a medal for your practical usage of a scientific principle. Congratulations!! — William Thompson

I just strapped it on. What a genius simple idea. This is The Strap for me. Highly, highly recommended. — Frank Russolello

Devilishly simple I thought and it just works. — Barry Maz, Got A Ukulele.com

Just received the Mobius Strap and got it right the first time. Your online instructions and video were really helpful. I'm blind but the written and audio description was detailed enough that I could use the strap without sighted help. ... I just wanted to say thanks for this useful strap and great instructions! — Crystal Howe

Brilliant...Have just received my strap - fast delivery, too. This is just what I needed; it is more comfortable than other straps I've tried, too. — Anne Wright

It's as simple as brilliant! Thanks for inventing this! — Tom Hottinger

Being a mathematician, I was very happy to see this adaptation of a mobius strip to an application that is both practical and dear to my heart. — Arnold Rosenberg

A new and useful invention. — Michelle Lee, Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office

I think it is absolutely fantastic and I didn't need to do any adjustment to it. I can stand up and play without feeling that the uke is sliding down my body. It is very easy to put on if you follow the instructions included. — Penny Turner

Arrived today, very quick! This is a really good idea and you are to be complimented on creating such a 'simple' item. I take the view that it takes real skill to create simple, anyone can do complex. Nice engineering principles, Tim. — Kevin Patch

The first one ordered last week worked so well on my baritone uke I decided to buy another for my tenor. Bravo! — Robert Waters

Hey just wanted you to know that I received my item and its fantastic invention. Best strap I've seen, thanks! — Mika Torvinen, Finland

Many, many thank you's for an excellent product. I really didn't want to 'pin' my new Martin Uke and your strap was the answer. — Barbara Shean, UK

What a great innovation! Simple is always best! — Bill Tkachuk, Canada


How Do I Use It?

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Mobius Strap ® U.S. Patent No. 8,975,498 © 2014 Tim Mullins